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July 29 Visible Body Demonstration - Shared screen with speaker view
Wendy Howard
1. Bethune-Cookman University (Human Anatomy and Physiology)2. Florida International University (Human Anatomy Lab and PA Program)3. Florida State College at Jacksonville (Human Anatomy and Physiology)4. Miami Dade College (Medical Campus for several disciplines and undergraduate A&P at many satellite campuses)5. Nova Southeastern University (A&P, PA Program)6. Orange Technical College (Surgical Program)7. Santa Fe College (PTA Program)8. Stetson University (A&P)9. Florida State University (Medical School, Kinesiology, A&P, Speech Communication)10. Sunrise School of Nursing11. Manatee Technical College (A&P)
Wendy Howard
12. University of Florida (PT)13. Manatee Technical College (A&P)14 University of South Florida (PT)15. Florida Atlantic University COM (library site license)16. Florida Southern (library site license)17. College of Central Florida (library site license)18. Palm Beach State College (library site license)19. Pasco-Hernandez State College (library site license)20. State College of Florida (library site license)21. Florida Gateway College (library site license)22. Florida Southern University (library site license)
Wendy Howard
Other Florida schools using Visible Body
Wendy Howard
Good question
Fazal Jameer
Contact Info- Fazal: Fazal.jameer@ucf.edu; Tel 4079038013; 4079703903
Meredith McHale
Great, thanks Fazal!
Lakshmi Kollara Sunil
contact info: lakshmi.kollarasunil@ucf.edu